My name is Saralene Tapley. I am an Irish-American artist of 31 years of age. I have been living in Houston, Texas for the last three and a half years. I moved to Texas from Europe where I lived in Dublin, Ireland for 9 years and London, England for 1 year. I finished my BFA in Dublin’s National College of Art and Design. Upon moving to Texas, I completed my Masters in Arts and Humanities at University of Houston – Clear Lake.

My childhood was very colourful. I lived in the United States until I was eleven and then moved to Taiwan and Korea where I finished secondary school. I still maintain relationships with my childhood friends even though many of them are spread around the globe. (Most of the schools that I attended were international.) I have 2 brothers and 1 sister. My two brothers are some of my best patrons. My older brother, Matthew, owns a wine bar called Vino, in Montreal, where quite a few of my works are featured. I also have murals and paintings hanging in various pubs and hotels in Dublin. Noel Pearson, the Irish film director, is also one of my collectors.

I must attribute most of my interest in art to my parents that have been very encouraging of my career path, despite it’s many hardships.Most of my training as a child came from my mother, from Wisconsin, who is a very talented artist and teacher in her own rite. I spent most of my childhood watching her draw portraits of local families and taking many of her art classes. My father, from Dublin, Ireland, is a talented carpenter and engineer, and has been very generous with his wood working skills creating many frames and hanging devices for my exhibitions.

What I enjoy most about working in the arts is that I can continuously reinvent my artwork. There are many mediums to explore and subjects to discover. I also enjoy seeing other artists work and comparing and learning from different ideas and forms of visual language. When I am away from the creative process for too long, I feel as though I am losing my purpose. With practise, one can only mature and get better.